Rod and Saskia West of Oatley completed the course in separate classes about two years ago. Saskia spoke to me the other day and reported that she continues to use the tools she learned. The methods for handling sibling conflict take time to master, but have been really helpful. Her son Jordan, five years-old, was recently heard to say to his older sister when fighting over toy cars, “We have to negotiate!” And it has become the usual way to operate in everyday life.
Rosalie and John Scott attended the Bondi Junction class in early 2002. Rosalie wrote to me, saying “Once again, let me say thank you for all those great tips. It’s working very well. It really is fun to be a family, lots of smiles, hugs and kisses coming from everywhere.”
“I feel more relaxed and calm and able to cope with the difficult situations as they arise. I have been able to identify behaviours in my children and work out what to do. I feel excited about the possibilities for my family.”
Susan Montano, Oatley, RCB Participant
“I feel more aware of the infinite possibilities of communicating positively to children and others. I liked the variety of teaching techniques (lectures, role-playing, discussions) as different methods allowed new perspectives.”
Michael Behrendt, Kings Park, RCB Participant

“I’ve grown enormously. I’ve learned so much. I’ve seen my husband and I grow as a couple and as parents. I’ve seen my son start to get excited about new things we are trying out. Also, I think he notices that we’re starting to understand a little more about where he’s coming from.”
Patricia Hawkins, RCB Participant

“I feel I now have more useful tools with which to communicate with my children, and they are more forthcoming. The family is more cooperative. This course identifies simple solutions for seemingly complex situations.”
Bernie Montano, Oatley, RCB Participant

“This class was so helpful to me & my family that my son & I are best friends again, the sweet love that we used to share is back! I know the tools I learned in this class WORK! Now I have someone who helps me around the house ~ very interesting concept! I find that this course has helped me in all my relationships and has made my marriage better too. Thank you for all your love and support!
Jayne Smith, RCB Participant