Please contact the instructors below to run a RCB class or any of the workshops at your workplace, for your group or even for you and seven other friends in your home!

The founders of PPN, Lois Haultain and Chris Burrell, live in Sydney, NSW. Our current Victorian PPN instructors and affiliates are based in Melbourne only, but all are available for telephone consultations and regional weekend classes/workshops can be arranged for groups.

Surina Wills
(03) 9553 3548 | email

SurinaSurina is a life-long learner from Melbourne, and has discovered that having children is the ultimate teaching tool! She was a corporate trainer for over ten years, a university tutor, a salesperson, and a sales manager. Nothing prepared her for being a mother…luckily, she discovered Redirecting Children’s Behaviour!


Betty Chetcuti
03 9882 7958 | email

BettyBetty Chetcuti (BSc Hons, MedPsych, MAPS) is a mother of two young boys, and a baby girl! She is a Psychologist and lives in Melbourne, where she has developed a day-workshop called “Being a Mother”. She is also available for private consultations. For more information see www.beingamother.com