Please contact the instructors below to run a RCB class or any of the workshops at your workplace, for your group or even for you and seven other friends in your home!

The founders of PPN, Lois Haultain and Chris Burrell, live in Sydney. Our other NSW instructors are listened below. So far all our NSW PPN Instructors are based in Sydney, but all are available for telephone consultations and PPN is happy to organise regional classes/workshops for groups.

Lyn Milne
(02) 9520 5588 | email

Lyn Lyn is a Certified Parenting Educator with INCAF and a Relationship Educator with Interrelate. She is the mother of two daughters and one step-daughter, and lives in southern Sydney.

Lyn has long identified that all healthy relationships depend on great communication and has a passion for skilling people in that area particularly. Lyn holds RCB classes at Menai, and offers parent coaching in the Sutherland shire on evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

0414 610 675 | email

DaisyDaisy (MEd) is a Certified Parenting Educator and works also as a School Counsellor with the NSW Dept of Education.

She lives in the Liverpool area of Sydney with her two children, and has particular experience with families adjusting to a new life in Australia. She has worked with children of asylum seekers and has a passion for helping families grow together. Daisy is available for parent coaching by appointment.

Jane Zywitz
0409 288 440 | email

JaneJane is a Certified Parenting Educator and lives in the Sutherland Shire with her husband and two children. After completing the RCB course she knew it was so helpful that she wanted to share it with others!

She is excited about teaching parents practical techniques that make a difference.

Saskia West
(02) 9580 7728 | email

Saskia Saskia is a Certified Parenting Educator and lives in the St George area of Sydney with her husband and three children. She attended one of the first RCB courses in 1999. The results of the skills she learnt and practised with her own children impressed her so much she decided to become an instructor to be able to help other parents achieve similar results.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences degree in Counselling to further her interests in children and family issues. Saskia is available for parent coaching in school hours or after 7pm by appointment.

Philly Smith
(02) 9456 5653 or 0405 145 125 | email

Philly Philly is a certified parent educator and mother of 5 boys aged between 8 years and 8 months. In her many years as a registered children’s nurse Philly has seen many styles of parenting so is sure that the RCB course gives very practical tools that really work. They are working for her boys so can work for anyone!

She is looking forward to helping parents be the best parents they can be in the happiest, most enjoyable families whilst enabling their children to fulfil their potential. Philly lives on the northern edge of Sydney.

Louise Tuijt-Snippe
0409 995 300 | email

Louise Louise Tuijt-Snippe has a Masters degree in Psychology (the Netherlands). She used to work as a Management Consultant. She changed her career to teaching parenting courses when her own three children showed her how difficult it could be to take care of children in these challenging times. Louise realised that the autocratic parenting style does not work too well anymore and that many parents do not know different ways to raise their children.

Says Louise:

“The Redirecting Children’s Behaviour course gives parents/carers and teachers the hands-on tools needed to raise children in the 21st century.”

After living and teaching in the Killara area of Sydney Louise has now relocated to the Netherlands and will be teaching RCB there from August 2007.


Melissa Honor

Melissa is a Relationship Educator with Interrelate, specialising in parenting issues, couples’ communication, and conflict resolution. She is available for private consultations and seminar presentations. Melissa lives in Southern Sydney with her husband and four children.

Mary O’Neill
(02) 9487 4000 | email

maryoneill.jpgMary has spent many years in the field of child education as a primary school teacher both in Australia and overseas. She now specialises in early childhood education and founded the IE Academy – Excellence in Infant Education. Mary is a qualified trainer, presenter, author and workplace assessor with postgraduate training in the education of Gifted and Talented children.

Mary lives on the north side of Sydney and is available to present a variety of workshops, the Redirecting Children’s Behaviour course, and the Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom course.