Meet our instructors

Please contact the instructors below to run a Happy Kids class or any of the workshops at your workplace, for your group or even for you and seven other friends in your home!

PPN Founders

Lois Haultain

loishaultain.jpg Lois Haultain (BA Hons), has been a Certified Parenting Educator with INCAF (see below) since 1999 when she was personally trained by Kathryn Kvols. She has been a Music Educator for many years. Lois has four children who are now all adults.

Lois says:

“I teach parenting skills because I think parenting is the most important job there is, and one of the most stressful, especially as we generally learn as we go, and don’t have any training!

I think what is great about the approach I teach is that it seeks to understand children’s behaviour, and it has an end -goal of closeness and cooperation and mutual respect. It tries to get enjoyment back into parenting. It’s not so much about control, though it doesn’t believe permissive styles of parenting are good for children either. It promotes freedom and order, not one at the expense of the other.

I found this kind of balanced assertive parenting took time and effort to develop, and would have liked more ideas and tools when mine were very young. When I came across the course Redirecting Children’s Behaviour I found it had all the positive ideas I’d read and seen, none of the elements that were not useful, and even more ideas for understanding and handling children’s behaviour.

My heart for parents motivates me to ensure that they have practical tools to take home with them when they have met with me for a consultation, or attended a workshop or class.”

Lois lives with her husband and family in Arncliffe in Sydney, NSW. She is available for seminars and parent coaching in school hours by appointment.

Chris Burrell

chrisburrell.jpg Christopher is a Certified Parenting Educator and co-founder of the Positive Parenting Network. He lives with his wife and daughter in Sydney, and specialises in men’s issues, and parenting a child with a disability. He recommends for parents of disabled children.

Lyn MilneLyn Milne

Lyn is a Certified Parenting Educator with INCAF and a Relationship Educator with Interrelate. She is the mother of two daughters and one step-daughter, and lives in southern Sydney. Lyn has long identified that all healthy relationships depend on great communication and has a passion for skilling people in that area particularly. Lyn holds RCB classes at Menai, and offers parent coaching in the Sutherland shire on evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Daisy SequeiraDaisy Sequeira

Daisy (MEd) is a Certified Parenting Educator and works also as a School Counsellor with the NSW Dept of Education. She lives in the Liverpool area of Sydney with her two children, and has particular experience with families adjusting to a new life in Australia. She has worked with children of asylum seekers and has a passion for helping families grow together. Daisy is available for parent coaching by appointment.

Jane ZywitzJane Zywitz

Jane is a Certified Parenting Educator and lives in southern Sydney. After completing the RCB course she knew it was so helpful for her and her children that she wanted to share it with others! She is excited about teaching parents practical techniques that make a difference.

Saskia WestSaskia West

Saskia is a Certified Parent Educator and has a Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences degree in Counselling. She lives in the St George area of Sydney with her husband and three children. She attended one of the first RCB courses in 1999. The results of the skills she learnt and practised with her own children impressed her so much she decided to take the instructor course and become certified to be able to help other parents achieve similar results. Today Saskia also works in schools with teachers, parents and students reducing discipline problems through strategies that encourage self-discipline, responsibility, co-operation, and problem-solving skills. She is available for one-on-one parent counselling in school hours or after 7pm by appointment. Saskia runs parenting talks, workshops and courses in the St George area, is passionate about the importance of parenting and believes that despite its challenges parenting can be rewarding and fun.

PhillySmithPhilly Smith

Philly is a Certified Parenting Educator and mother of 5 boys aged between 3 and 11 years. In her many years as a registered children’s nurse Philly has seen many styles of parenting so is sure that the RCB course gives very practical tools that really work. They are working for her boys so can work for anyone! She is looking forward to helping parents be the best parents they can be in the happiest, most enjoyable families whilst enabling their children to fulfil their potential. Philly lives on the northern edge of Sydney.

Freddie & Prue LigersFreddie and Prue Ligers

Freddie & Prue are both Certified Parent Educators and live in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney with their three children. After attending a RCB course they were so inspired that they decided to become instructors themselves. Freddie is a psychotherapist & counselor specialising in relationships and group work. Prue is a Montessori pre school teacher and massage therapist. As co-presenters of RCB, they offer insights into the roles of both parents within the dynamics of family life. They both view parenting as an incredibly rewarding and constantly challenging life journey. Courses offered in Eastern suburbs, call (02) 9662 7705 or please visit:


Melissa Honor

Melissa is a Relationship Educator with Interrelate, specialising in parenting issues, couples’ communication, and conflict resolution. She is available for private consultations and seminar presentations. Melissa lives in Southern Sydney with her husband and four children.

Betty ChetcutiBetty Chetcuti

Betty Chetcuti (BSc Hons, MedPsych, MAPS) is a mother of two boys, and a girl. She is a Psychologist and lives in Melbourne, where she has developed a day-workshop called “Being a Mother”. She is also available for private consultations. For more information see

Sharon GelberSharon Gelber

Sharon Gelber runs a private practice working with children and their parents utilising Natural Therapy techniques to assist optimal learning, concentration and positive behaviour. The tools that she uses are based in Kinesiology, Body Talk System and Brain Gym. Her work includes activating physical health (dealing with allergies, immune system, digestive and respiratory issues) as well as more emotional and behavioural issues (anxiety, depression, fears and post- traumatic stress). Sporting ability and coordination are also enhanced.

Sharon is available to run parent and teacher workshops to provide tools to assist them as well as their children to remain balanced and healthy. She loves helping people to be able to remain calm in their fast-paced lives. Sharon worked as an Occupational Therapist for 13 years but moved towards a more natural approach to achieve long-lasting change in health and behaviour.

Sharon practises from Maroubra and Bondi Junction in eastern Sydney. Please refer to for more information and links to explain and demonstrate her techniques or ring her on 0405 026 183

Louise Tuijt-SnippeLouise Tuijt-Snippe

Louise Tuijt-Snippe has a Masters degree in Psychology (the Netherlands). She used to work as a Management Consultant. She changed her career to teaching parenting courses when her own three children showed her how difficult it could be to take care of children in these challenging times. Louise realised that the autocratic parenting style does not work too well anymore and that many parents do not know different ways to raise their children.
Says Louise: “The Redirecting Children’s Behaviour course gives parents/carers and teachers the hands-on tools needed to raise children in the 21st century.” After living and teaching in the Killara area of Sydney Louise has now relocated to the Netherlands and will be teaching RCB there from August 2007.