consults.jpgThe Positive Parenting Network offers certified parenting and relationship educators and experienced coaches who are available for one-on-one or couple-to-one consultations.

These might be to develop strategies for specific issues in your family, such as handling temper tantrums, step-family issues, bedtime strategies, parenting as a team issues and so on. Or they could be for couples’ communication issues, conflict resolution, and men’s issues.

Certified parenting educators Saskia West, Lyn Milne, and Lois Haultain are available for parent coaching in person at $80 per hour or by phone at $60 per hour by appointment.

If you live in an area where a face-to-face consultation is not possible you could consider having a series of telephone appointments.

Lois writes:

One couple saw me recently because they were frustrated and concerned by the behaviour of their three-year-old. He was talking aggresssively and sometimes biting his eighteen-month-old brother. He was getting into power struggles frequently, and always resisting bedtime. Mum and Dad were feeling exhausted and guilty that most days would end with yelling, anger and the three-year-old crying himself to sleep.

boyconsult.jpgTheir consultation focused on understanding their oldest son’s goals when misbehaving, handling power struggles, parenting as a team, managing parental stress and developing a workable bedtime routine. They saw me for two sessions.

Mum reports that life is now working better for everyone. The three-year-old is more cooperative in general, staying in bed at night, and fights with his sibling are fewer and cleaner than before.

They intend doing a Redirecting Children’s Behaviour class to consolidate and expand on the new skills they have been practising.”

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