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During the Happy Kids course you will:
– Find out what makes for happiness and what gets in the way!
– Learn skills to balance your kids’ and your own needs
– Gain new understanding of what motivates misbehaviour
– Set the stage at home for more cooperation and harmony
– Discipline in positive ways that build self-esteem
– Build on your strengths and develop a balanced parenting style
– Meet other parents and enjoy an interactive, warm atmosphere
– And much more..

The Happy Kids course is typically run for 2 hours a week over three weeks but can be presented in a full-day mode or over a weekend.

How much does it cost?

The cost to take the Happy Kids class is usually $100 per person and $150 for a couple which covers the cost of the teaching and all class materials.

Upcoming classes

To arrange a class in your area please get in contact with one of our instructors.