Who are we?

dadandson.jpgThe Positive Parenting Network of Australia (ABN 98 090 685 700) is an alliance of professional educators who passionately believe in the importance of parenting.

We believe that despite its challenges parenting can be rewarding and fun. We help parents understand how to deal with misbehaving children in loving, positive ways and how they can bring peace to their families.

The PPN provides classes, workshops, consultations, training and resources to equip parents to enjoy parenting, to become positive in their approaches to their children, and to develop a confident, caring, balanced parenting style. All of our presentations utilise a mixture of teaching methods to cover the three learning styles (visual, audio, and kinaesthetic) so that parents can see, hear and roleplay new parenting methods.


Happy Kids

Happy Kids is the Positive Parenting Network’s fresh new course for Australian parents who want their kids to be happy, both in the short and long term.


Informative and friendly presentations for your school, club, group or organisation by an experienced educator who is also a parent. Workshops include Parenting as a Team and Balancing Love and Discipline.

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In the media

Mother and Baby magazine asked PPN’s Lois Haultain to join their “ask an expert” panel to give advice on parenting issues. Lois also contributes to the new Little Kids magazine launched in late 2006.

A Current Affair sought Lois Haultain to provide helpful advice to parents dealing with power struggles. The episode was aired on Monday 19th May 2003. If you want to read more on handling power struggles and setting limits click here